These are three mistakes made by fresh graduates when applying for jobs

For someone who has just graduated from school, it will be a little difficult to get a job because usually companies are looking for someone who already has experience. For this reason, convincing the company that you are the right candidate is very necessary. In searching for employment, you can look for it on jobcentreonline. By finding a job in the right place, it is very likely that you will get the job you need to be very large job vacancies job centre.

Unfortunately, for those who have just graduated from school, there are some mistakes that are usually made when applying for jobs online. Some of these errors are

1. Empty the body or email subject
When sending job applications via email, usually many of them empty the body part or subject email. In fact, this is a fundamental problem that should not be done. The subject or body part of the email that is left blank can make the company ignore your application. Clearing this section makes your application unprofessional and if there is no email subject, they will delete the email in other words Kamju’s email will not be seen by them.

2. Using one cover letter for all applications
Because applying in many companies at one time, usually they will only buy one cover letter for all applications by simply changing the name of the company and the position. In fact, every company certainly has a different profile. For that, when applying for a job, you should make a different cover letter and complement the profile of each company.

3. The file size of the application is too large
When sending job applications, it’s good to pay attention to the application file sent. Be it, cover letter or your portfolio. File applications that are too large will make it difficult to open or not even enter the oak in the company inbox. Given that every day there are many applications that enter and email companies usually have certain limits. Pay attention to the size of your file before sending it.