How to Get the Right Place for Wifi Installation

The offer of home-cheap internet packages from internet service providers makes Wi-Fi devices (routers) increasingly used by the public. However, often users complain that Wi-Fi internet access is slow. In this case, the wifi site survey Toronto plays a role in getting the right place to install the wifi device that you will use. Yes, at present, many homeowners also use wifi installation for various reasons.

Now, before you blame the slow internet-related ISP that doesn’t fit the ad, it’s a good idea to check the location of the router. Because the location of the Wi-Fi router also affects the quality of the internet. Then where is the best position to put the Wi-Fi router? Here are the tips!

1. Place the router in the center of the room

Most users put the router in the corners of the room, the reason is, of course, close to the power outlet. However, that turned out to be wrong. The best position for the router is in the middle of the room, ideally in a position that can be seen wherever you use a gadget connected to it. Putting a router in a corner of the room will only create a ‘dead-zone’ or an area that cannot be reached by the Wi-Fi signal. Usually, the dead-zone is on the opposite side of the router.

2. Avoid metal objects

Important to know that metal can reduce the electromagnetic energy of a Wi-Fi router which leads to a decrease in internet speed.

3. Keep the router away from the wall

The wall was able to absorb the radiation of the Wi-Fi signal strength. The position of the router that is blocked by two walls on the right and left side can block the Wi-Fi signal in the far corner of the house. If your house has two floors, you don’t need to worry too much because the floor or roof does not have the ‘signal barrier’ effect as strong as the concrete wall.