These 3 Unique Paint Rooms are Anti-Mainstream

In general, the bedroom walls are only painted using one color. Even if you use two colors, it is usually left plain. As for the decoration, the occupants of the room will decorate it with various wall hangings. For those of you who don’t like mainstream things and are easily bored, surely you want unique room paint. Aside from that, you can call the trusted exterior painting woodstock if you want to hire the professionals to paint your house with the finest quality of service.

So what are some unique room paints that can make your room anti-mainstream? Check out the following answer!

1. Paint unique rooms with a fading impression

Gray can create a cold impression in a room. However, if it’s used to color the entire wall, the results will be mainstream. Therefore you can try applying a unique bedroom paint with a fading impression like this. For basic colors, just use white. It’s cool, it pretty saves on paint too right?

2. Paint unique rooms with geometric patterns

For those of you who like a cheerful atmosphere, try applying unique room paint with geometric patterns like this. With the help of duct tape to form patterns and colorful paints, you can make it yourself. The room will also look anti-mainstream because the pattern will not be the same as that of others. if you want to save the amount of paint, just use monochrome colors such as a blend of light blue and dark blue or red and pink. It’s just as unique!

3. Unique graffiti style room paint

Ever seen graffiti works on a number of public roads or large walls? Very cool and looks very cool. If it suits your personality, just cheat on the graffiti concept to be a unique room paint. Choose the writing you want, then specify the color of paint to be used. Don’t forget to add another poster printing image to complement the graffiti in this unique room paint.