Want to be more harmonious? Important to Know How to Manage Stress in the Family

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), as many as 73 percents of parents reported that the stress they often experience while undergoing a home comes from family responsibilities. These parents also think that the stress experienced by parents will affect children who also get stressed. Stress can often trigger a break in a family relationship. If you feel stressed when you are at home, it’s better to talk about this subject with your partner. Stress is not only bad for your mental health, but it will also adversely affect children. Without you knowing it, children can feel that something is wrong with their mother even if you don’t tell them. Instead of harming later, it’s better to immediately eliminate the stress you experience by telling it when doing ayahuasca retreat. It could be that after the husband finds out what causes you stress at home, he will try to find a way out to solve your problem. So, you will not feel burdened alone. The atmosphere of the house will remain conducive.

Your home, work environment, social, neighbors, etc. can affect your daily use. So that you are not easily stressed when carrying out your duties as a wife and household, change the atmosphere in your home environment to be more cheerful and comfortable to live in. For example, making a house more neat and clean, decorating it with cute ornaments, adding refreshing fragrances, planting colorful flowers and so on. A pleasant environment can relieve stress and help keep the mood positive. When faced with minor problems with children, household, or personal problems with your husband, you can deal with them calmly and without emotion.

Poor health, an unhealthy lifestyle, and an unfriendly environment are the main causes of stress when you are at home. When you feel that you are unable to deal with the stress you experience, stop for a moment. Stop from your daily routine as a housewife.