Know these before you become a professional painter

If you combine several colors into one, make sure the number is right for one work. For example, one can for one wall, do not let the paint in the mixture have run out but the newly painted wall is half apart, of course, you have to make the color combination again and it usually won’t be the first if you are an amateur. Therefore, you should ask the seller how much is needed to dye an area of several square meters. In the meantime, don’t forget that license is also necessary. If you’re in florida, just check out the recommended florida handyman license .


Perform painting with at least two stages, primary and secondary. Make sure the first stage of paint is dry first and then you can paint again with the second layer.

Paint from top to bottom

Beginner painters often start painting work from the bottom, this fatal mistake you should know. The principle of fluid always flows from a high place to a lower place. Of course, you do not want the bottom of your neat and dry object to become wet again with paint splashes when you paint the top that is still empty. Start painting from the top even though it’s tall and hard to reach.

Enjoy every polish process

If you use a roller, make sure to use the right sized handle to reach difficult areas so you don’t have to venture extra up and down stairs or chairs that can make you tired quickly.

Patient and diligent

Well, this is what you have to work on. Don’t be in a hurry and want to quickly finish the job of painting you because the results will definitely not be neat. Often there are parts that have different thicknesses, too thick or too thin. People who see must know if the paint is done by amateurs.