Various Seeding Techniques

When we take a walk to the countryside where the economy is based on farming activities, we often find farmers growing corn and beans by Portugal. Can also be found in the rice fields, such as farmers who sow seeds directly on all the land so there is no need to transfer seeds later. The action is called table (direct seed planting), in terms of forest rehabilitation called direct seeding. Direct seeding is called a seed sowing technique directly in the field without going through the nursery stages. This action is generally carried out because of the consideration of lack of power, expensive nursery costs and of course access to the planting site which is very difficult to transport seeds. This situation is also not without flaws because before doing so, careful calculations are needed as well as more intensive control on a broader scale, given the first critical phase in which plant growth is in the sprout phase. species selection is very influential on the success of direct seeding. The criteria for this type include native species (endemic) or plants that are ecologically in accordance with the location of sowing. Another requirement is fast growing and can be associated with soil microbes. Another important condition is the plant with orthodox seeds (dry seeds). Therefore, the various techniques that will later be applied, but not just anyone can use this technique, only our residential hydroseeding can help you.

In its implementation, direct seeding itself can be carried out through three methods, namely hand direct seeding, hydroseeding, and aerial seeding. My opening story above is an example of sowing with the hand direct seeding method, where the seeds are sown directly or with a Portugal system, depending on the type of plant. This method is chosen if the location is not too wide and is still easy to reach. The seeds used must have high growth percentages. In its application in the forestry sector, generally, the Portugal system is carried out on teak (Tectona grandis). Hydroseeding itself is a technique or method of planting where seeds, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch are mixed together in a tank and then sown (sprayed) into the planting area. This method was chosen because of the wide planting area with a short time. This method is also effective for locations with high damage. Only, the cost of implementation is certainly quite expensive.