Several Right Tips for Choosing a Plain Hat Design

Basically, there are various types of plain hats that you can choose, starting from the type of hat for leisure needs, hats to accompany daily activities or even types of hats that can be used for formal events. That’s why you also have to choose a hat by adjusting to the level of needs that you have. As well as choosing a type of plain hat from a baseball cap or even a flat cap if it is intended for daily needs, or any type of fedora plain hat that is more suitable for formal and other activities. Aside from that, the custom hats cheap are also recommended if you want to have unique hats for yourself.

Size selection

The choice of size is the next important part that you have to consider, the article is the right size and also in accordance with your body proportions, then the appearance of the polo hat design will look more stylish and comfortable to use. That’s why you should make sure not to choose the type of plain hat that comes with the size of the edge exceeds the width of the shoulder that you have.

Consider face shape

There are several types of plain caps that are suitable for a variety of different face shapes, such as:

Oval face shape: For this one face shape, any type of hat will be suitable for use.

The face shape is square and has a flat and wide jaw: For a plain hat that is suitable for use is around/boater cap.

Round face shape: The type of plain hat that is suitable for use is a fedora hat.

Face shape of the heart: Hat with rounded edges but shorter (skullcaps/bucket hat).

Long face shape: Flat wider cap model hat

Color selection

Because the type of hat you want to choose is a plain hat, then the selection of colors is also an important thing you have to do. Make sure to choose the right hat color, as well as personality, or even according to your purchase needs.