5 Myths in Golf that Often Hinder the Golfer

Many people consider golf to be an expensive sport. There are also those who think the game of golf is only for men. Is this really true? Or is it just a myth in golf? Actually, there are some myths that develop in golf, what are these myths? Here is the review. Apart from that, you can check out the excellent pattaya golf course when you have a vacation trip to Thailand.

1. Expensive Golf Sports

The myth that is most widely developed in society is expensive golf sports. The price of golf equipment and high field rentals often hinders the golfer’s intention to explore this sport. In fact, you can play economically as long as you are smart to choose a golf course and rent or use golf equipment provided by a golf club.

Some golf courses in South-East Asia apply cheap rental rates even below US$35.31. You can also join a golf club that applies prices according to your pocket so you can enjoy cheap golf.

2. Golf is only played by men

At the beginning of its development, golf was a sport specifically for men. However, nowadays golf can be played by anyone, men, women and even children.

3. Golf Plays Full Day

Generally, golf players only need about 4 hours to complete 18 holes. If you have an excessive activity or limited playing time, don’t make time constraints hinder you. Choose just a 9 holes golf game to save time.

4. Quite a lot of golf equipment

Golf equipment is quite a lot. But, you don’t need to buy it all. Golf clubs usually prepare all golf equipment that can be rented by club members. So, you only need to wear comfortable clothes when playing with other golf players.

5. Rigid Sports Golf

Golf is actually far from being stiff because it always changes. The number of golf lovers is increasing, and the number of golf courses is also increasing. Golf equipment is always experiencing modernization so that it is more sophisticated and follows the times.